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He stands out in a group; there is a distinctive flavor to his personality. He has a lively interest in topical events and the world around him; he speaks and writes fluently in English and at least two Indian languages; he has sufficient mastery over Mathematics and Science to understand and appreciate the scientific basis of modern civilization; he is well informed and forms his own judgments; he realizes that prejudices are at the root of man’s problems such as intolerance and war; he knows that being educated means abiding by certain standards of social behavior; he has mastered the use of his hands in some form of creative activity and has developed a love of reading for its own sake; he plays games and has learnt sportsmanship as a quality that must be cherished in day-to-day-life.

He is not afraid to speak the truth without being offensive and has the greatest regard for the rule of law and justice; he is well-mannered, sensitive and smart in his dress and appearance; he cherishes the freedom of the mind, the humanity of the heart and the integrity of the individual; he loves truth, beauty and goodness. In short, he is the epitome of what a “cultured” man aspires to be.
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