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To pursue a child centred and activity oriented education where a child is made confident, responsible and self reliant through individual attention to be leaders of the global community. Synthesize the best in Indian tradition and global prospective. Achieve in every student more than just literacy. Make every child optimistic, positive, constructive and competitive being both in relation to the self and to the rest of the world. Effective learning process wherein every child explores and not merely receives knowledge.
We are firm believers of the fact that education is the birth right of every child. Since every child is born with immense potentialities, no child must be ever rejected and he should be the centre of every learning activity. 

Personal attention needs to be given to every child focusing on physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual strengths. We, all at Alpine Vidhyapeeth and Alpine Community School believe in restoring every child his very childhood and discovering the hidden treasures within through a conducive learning environment.
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